Launch and welcome drink

I'm happy today that I am finally launching this website/blog. is the place where I'll be posting my graphic work that will be typically based on topics such as ideas, business concepts, technology, books and talks by thought leaders.

I have been thinking of such a website for a while now but reading about great thoughts such as "launching a minimum viable product", "action is superior to obsessive planning" is one thing and practicing is another. I spent lot of time on the domain name, look and feel etc etc but finally, I'm happy it is open to the world with this first post.

Now the work of putting content starts and hope you'll like it and also get something useful from it. I welcome your comments, suggestions on each post as well as about the whole idea of ThoughtGraphic. I plan to start with one/two posts each week and I request you to subscribe to this blog via email (by clicking on the icon in top right corner of this blog) so that each new post is delivered to you in your mailbox.